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Eraser Store War

Teacher Contributed.

4th Grade Chapter: 

Version 1:

  • 4 players to a group…
  • Each team is 2 players.
  • Decide on who is Player 1 (P1) and who is Player 2 (P2)
  • All work must be recorded by both players.
  • Each person tosses the di 3 times – and records rolls in order of:
  • Boxes, Packs, Loose Erasers (The Crates column is used for repackaging only.)
  • Each pair of partners combines their two shipments into the least number of containers needed.
  • Teams calculate the total of their combined shipment for each round.
  • Play continues for 4 rounds. At the end of 4 rounds, each team adds up their total number of erasers.
  • The teams (pairs of partners) compare the total number of erasers that they combined from all of their shipments.
  • The team/pair that has the larger shipment wins the game.
  • Each team must then repackage their total erasers into the fewest possible containers before starting another game.

Version 2:

Play with 2 dice.

Use attached document with game.