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Factor trees

Materials: Factor Search cards without the prime numbers,one minute hour glass timer, blank paper, 2 players

==Brief rules== 1. Factor cards are shuffled and placed face down on a table. 2. Round 1- One player turns over the first card while the other player turns over the minute timer. 3. Each player makes a factor tree on their blank piece of paper using the number on the card. 4. Each player circles the prime numbers on their factor tree. 5. When the timer runs out the players keep track of how many prime numbers have been circled. 6. Another round is played. The player who turned the timer over in round 1 now turns the factor card over. The player who turned over the factor card in round 1 now turns over the minute timer. 7. Continue playing rounds for a desired time. 8. The person with the highest score at the end of the game wins.

(Nancy Shor)

5th Grade Chapter: 

to practice finding prime factors of a number