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Fraction construction zone

3rd Grade Chapter: 

To get the most points by playing Fraction Pieces onto the bars on the gameboard.


Materials: Fraction Construction Zone gameboard (AM79) and cards (AM80) and fraction pieces (AM81); a paper bag; scissors (just for setting up)


  • Cut out 1 row of the Fraction Construction Zone Cards (AM80) and put them in the paper bag.
  • Cut out all Fraction Pieces (AM81), and leave available on the table.


  • On your turn, pick a Card from the bag (without peeking). You must use Fraction Pieces of that kind in the next step. (If you choose free choice, use any kind of Fraction Piece you like.)
  • Name an empty fraction bar on the game board that your kind of Fraction Piece can fill. Use as many fraction pieces as you need to fill that bar.
  • Write the fraction you created. For example, if you used three 1/6 cards to fill the 1/2 bar, you would write 1/2 = 3/6.
  • Score one point for each fraction piece you used to fill your fraction bar.
  • If you cannot make the bar you named, leave the bar empty and lose your turn.

The game ends when all the bars have been filled.