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Moving on Up

Play in pairs

·      Take turns tossing a number cube.

·      Players decide to move the number of floors UP, or the number of rooms forward.

·      If the number rolled will take a player past room 99, the player must go back that many room or floors.

·      The winner is the first player to land exactly on room 99.


To develop estimation skills and practice adding and subtracting with 2-digit numbers on the Number Line Hotel

Modification for beginners: 
Variations • Roll two number cubes, player must use one cube for moving up floors, and one for moving up rooms. (+10s and + 1s) • Record all moves in number sentences. • Go one by one than jump up-over-back or use a number cube with only the numbers 1 - 3, Use a larger sized chart
Modification for challenge student: 
Use two dice to go further or make bigger jumps, Make the hotel go beyond 100, Write the number sentence for each turn