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Place value game


This game develops academic language and specific vocabulary connected with discussion of place value, and provides practice with place value ideas.

Modification for beginners: 
Have the numbers prepared on cards ahead of time instead of having them write them out, Have a place value chart available for them to use, Have them write the numbers in a place value template, Play up to the hundreds place
Modification for challenge student: 
Add more place values including decimals, read and order numbers

Preparation: Cut out the set of Attribute Cards you want to use (set A is easiest, set B is medium, set C is the most difficult). Setting up: Play in a small group.

  • Each player writes 5 four-digit numbers on his or her own sheet of paper, neatly and large enough for other players to see.
  • Place the Attribute Cards face down.

Play: Take turns turning over an Attribute Card and reading it aloud.

  • All players cross out any of their numbers that match that attribute.
  • Play until someone has crossed out all 5 numbers. That person wins!

Example: A player turns over a card that says "thousands digit > 6": If your numbers are 1409, 7246, 2030, 8925, and 5634, you can cross out 7246 and 8925. Play as many games as you can in the time allowed.