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Target temperatures


Addition/subtraction practice; familiarity with some common Fahrenheit temperatures.



The Target Temperatures Game Activity Master 82; cards from Activity Master 83; two number cubes; a small game piece (e.g., a centimeter cube)


a two-player game

* Place your game piece at 60° on the thermometer of The Target Temperatures Game.

* Turn one Target Temperature card face up. This gives the "Target Temperature" you will try to reach.

* Place the remaining Target Temperature cards face down.


1. On your turn, roll two number cubes. Move either the sum or the difference of those two numbers. You may move in either the warmer or colder direction.

* If you land on the Target Temperature, collect that card and turn up a new one.

* Either way, it is now the other player's turn.

2. The player who collects the most cards wins.


Invent other Target Temperature cards for, say, "today's temperature outside" or "in our room right now" or temperature of the water from our water fountain...