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Mathematical Language and Word Problems

1. Math, language, and reading:
How children's great facility at learning language can help them learn mathematics.
Children are the ultimate language learners. Their phenomenal ability to learn language can be put to excellent use in learning mathematical ideas and language. In fact, the way we name numbers is intended to make certain parts of arithmetic easy and "automatic."

This PowerPoint shows how Think Math! uses the natural ability of children to learn language to help them learn mathematics from basic arithmetic to algebra.
It describes the essential differences between text reading and mathematical reading.
It describes the peculiar language of word-problems, and the Think Math! way, based in research on children's language-learning, to help children learn to read and solve these problems.

Explanatory notes accompany the slides.Download now
Updated 29-Oct-08. 

2. NCSM, Washington, DC, April 22, 2009
What do focus, attention, memory, and language learning have to do with problem-solving and early algebra?.
This NCSM presentation adds new content to the 29-Oct-08 presentation.
Updated 17-Aug-09 2009 Download now!