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3rd Grade

A way to organize data information.

Mathematical background

taxonomy of graphs:

  • bar graph
  • circle graph
  • conversion graph
  • histogram
  • line graph
  • pictograph
  • picture graph
  • pie chart
  • scatterplot

Related mathematical terms

Some middle school and high school curricula introduce students to ideas from graph theory, in which there is a new use of the term "graph." This new kind of "graph" does not depict relationships among quantities (as do all of the graphs of elementary school) but relationships among objects or places. The network that shows the cities that an airline connects, and the connections among those cities, is this new kind of graph.

What's in a word?

Graph is not only a word all by itself, but is used as part of other words, to convey a sense of "writing" or "picture."

The arts include music, dance, drama, and graphic arts: picture. A photograph is a light-picture (with photo- meaning "light"). A telegraph is a way of sending "writing" a long distance (television sends vision a long distance). Autograph is self-writing (one's own name). And graphite is the name we give to the mineral used inside pencils, with which we write and draw!